What is family and is mine considered a “typical” American family?

“And regardless of what kind of family ties you may deem worth forging, worth loving, worth depending, as a Sociologist your job will be to study all family forms without prejudgment.”

Family is defined as a group of individuals related to each other by blood ties, marriage, or adoption, which form an economic unit, the adult members of which are responsible for the upbringing of children.

“Typical” is defined as showing the characteristics expected of or popularly associated with a particular person, situation, or thing.

Therefore a “typical” American family is arguable depending on what is the popular or expected view of society at the time. In the past “typical” was seen as a family with married parents living in the same house with all their children. However, as of lately there is no “typical” family definition since times are changing and what is seen as a family is changing as seen by polls we took in class and articles read. It is more common that parents are divorced and sharing time with their children, single parenting where one parent is no longer in the picture, homosexual parents who adopted children as their family, etc. Society as a whole is evolving to become more progressive and eradicating the old views of a “typical” American family.

As long as a family, in any form, consists of people who love and care for one another, and act as a unit who support each other unconditionally and economically is considered a “typical” family. Although my family is considered a nuclear family by the “typical” American family standards of the past due to my parents being married and living in the same house with my brother and I as a whole unit. We are also considered a family by today’s “typical” Western society standards.

This article by Time magazine explains change in what is considered a “typical” American family along with polls and facts as proof:

There Is No Longer Any Such Thing as a Typical Family


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