The Man Box And Its Affects On The Boys Of Our Generation


The “man box” referenced by Tony Porter is a list of  certain characteristics by which society defines a man. The picture above shows a general list of features a man should represent and personify as decided by society today. As a boy grows up, they are trained to embody these characteristics by authoritative figures and peers. Men must follow these guidelines and not behave otherwise in order to be accepted by society. This forces them to either change some of their natural behaviors in order to fit with what is accepted and  has become a social norm or hide their true selves.

There are some serious issue that come about due to men suppressing their emotions such as becoming more angry and violent. This can also result in men becoming more lonely and depressed because they are not able to connect and interact with others the way they personally need to.

Although it will take time, I believe it is possible to change these social norms. Over these last couple decades we have seen so much evolving of people becoming more open minded. We must try to be more accepting of when men show emotions, weakness, or other characteristics of the “man box” and slowly take them out of this seen way of how a man should act. It is a very dangerous way to raise boys to feel they must behave in this manner or else society will not accept them which will only lead to more serious issues such as depression, anger issues, etc.

Attached is a youtube video clip of a Ted talk about the “man box”that really makes you think and question the way society has engraved in us the way a man should act and behave. A call to men: Ted Talk


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