What do you think affects a person’s decision to come out to the polls for elections?

After discussing the recent election and voting during elections in general I realized there are many factors that affect a person’s decision to come out to the polls on election day. These factors are classified into two categories: 1) individual factors and 2) outside factors or factors a person does not have control over.

Individual factors consist of many different parts. One being whether the issues affect them personally enough to encourage them to go vote. Another is if an individual decides to become an informed citizen and get educated enough on the issues by doing research to understand the issue and decide where they stand in order to properly vote. An additional factor occurs in elections such as this year’s election where many people did not like or agree with either candidate. Many individuals felt both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were both not fit candidates and would rather not vote and choose one.

Outside factors consist of multiple parts as well. Unfortunately, many jobs do not giving enough time during the day to allow for employees to go and vote. Although some give an hour or even two off, sometimes it is not enough time due to  such long lines, specific voting locations, and unpredictable wait time. A lot of people can’t afford to take a day off to vote and therefore end up not voting. Another factor pertains to the way the political system is set up with electoral colleges representing voters of certain areas. Many people feel their vote does not really affect the overall result and see no point in voting. Lastly, not all people have equal access to information and knowledge of the election due to varying social classes, and therefore do not feel comfortable enough to vote on such an important issue that affects our nation as a whole.


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